Q: What are the health benefits of frozen yogurt?

A: Frozen Yogurt is served in a soft-serve format like ice cream, but with numerous health benefits. These include highlights with options to include low in sugar, fat free, low calorie, high in protein, high in calcium, and vegan-friendly options. 

Q: Do you deliver in my location?

A: We currently deliver in city-centre Bristol. Delivery coming in more locations soon! Click here for more information. 

Q: How many flavours do you have on at one time?

A: Our regular assortment in our ICON stores include 8 hand-mixed flavours of frozen yogurts and sorbets. This can sometimes be lower if a machine is being deep cleaned or under maintenance; alternative, sometimes we have more flavours with our catering machines featuring new flavours in-store. To see which flavours we have on today, you can contact your nearest Flavalanche. 

Q: Do you offer set-price items or only frozen yogurt by weight?

A: Our frozen yogurt is sold by weight on a prorated 100g basis. All store prices are advertised in the format of price / 100 grams. Those who want to consider the cost while creating their Flavalanche masterpiece can simply weight as they go; our scales are always available to our customers to see where they are at on price. Alternatively, we offer a wide range of set-price items to include smoothies, milkshakes, bubble tea, parfaits, and specialty drinks.

Q: Is there an allergens list available? How about nutrition info?

A: Each store features various flavours and toppings at different times; upon request, our staff are happy to help you with your selections based on your dietary requirements. General nutrition information can be provided; detailed information can only be provided in a general format, as all products custom-created in our stores and measurements can vary slightly per product. 

Q: Are you offering franchises?

A: Absolutely! We are pleased to announce that we are currently recruiting franchisees across the UK along with master developers for our international expansion. For more information, visit our franchise page