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The Flavalanche project began in 2013 and was set up by two school friends, Rob & Pete, in Bristol. The idea came about following time spent in London the year before - the pair became hooked instantly on froyo due to its distinct tangy and refreshing flavour and low calorie nutrition profile.


Realising there was nowhere in the South West selling quality froyo, the pair began researching the product, meeting suppliers and industry figures across the globe.


Flavalanche offers some of the UK's best frozen yogurt, bubble tea and smoothies.


Our frozen yogurt has it all - calcium, protein, and live active cultures that are good for your body. And unlike other desserts containing artificial ingredients or excessive calories and carbs from fat and sugar, Flavalanche frozen yogurt is all-natural and gluten-free. All our flavas are low fat or fat free and some are sweetened with Stevia, which means they're low sugar too. We have 8 flavours on at any one time, customers grab a tub, pour as much yogurt as they like and then load up with toppings from our 40+ selection.



After a lot of product research and development, the pair still weren't totally happy with off the shelf products, and so a top gelato chef from Italy was commissioned by the pair to assist in designing custom 'flavas', unique to Flavalanche, which would see it become the iconic destination on Park Street it is today.


We also make a huge selection of bubble tea, with a green tea or black assam tea base, our teas are rich in antioxidants and infused with natural fruit flavourings and are dairy free. Poured over tapioca pearls, pobbles or fruit jelly, these delicious and refreshing drinks are gulpable through an extra fat straw!


Welcome to Flavalanche - An avalanche of flavour, choice and wellbeing.

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